Needed info making image of Compact Flash Card

Hi everyone,

i am a new user for Linux.

i have an pc that includes Linux Suse 10(in bootable Compact Flash Card) and additional small software inside 4GB Transcend bootable Compact Flash card.

i need to make an image of this bootable Compact Flash Card and the additional software also.

Could you please help me about this issue?

Thanks in advance,

Is the compact flash formatted fat32 or ext3?
If fat32, any of your windows image programs will work.
If ext3, try image for linux or clonzilla.

And if there is a device for that thing found anywhere under /dev/, then dd will work, no matter what FS is used.

To help you with this, please open a terminal window and do:

fdisk -l


Both commands will return output, please copy and paste output here.

Where do you want to write the image to? If you want to write it as an ISO to a USB-HDD please attach it before invoking the commands

thanks for your all help.

i will make an iso(image,clone) of this CF and
i will use this iso on empty CF.

i think i will try clonezilla.


I read this topic and I need image/recovery tools for fat32 filesystem of a CF card.

You wrote “If fat32, any of your windows image programs will work.” whych

but I could not find a tool that supports a CF card.

And also were you successfull action23 (Mehmet)?



Is the compact flash card corrupted or do you just want an exact copy of it?
The easiest way to make a copy of it to another cf card or partition is to use dd in linux. Beware, if you are copying to a partition, dd will overwrite everything.
The equivalent for windows/dos is to use diskcopy(?) - either that of discopy, but not running windows. Windows discopy needs both discs/cf cards to be the same size.

You can copy it to a file using dd and then use mtools to attempt to read the filesystem. Or even resort to looking at the raw blocks. However you should use the dd option: conv=noerror,sync to make sure that every block is either copied or if not possible, replaced with zeros in the output. Otherwise your output file will not match up with the input wrt block numbers and everything will go pear shaped after the first error block.

In windows you use clonezilla (think there is a win version) or ghost. Trouble is, most win software is commercial, so you need to buy it.


I just want an exact copy of my CF card which has a windows embedded on partition c: (amount about 2GB) and also my other fileson partition d:(amount about 2GB).

If I am able to take an image of partition c:(amount about 2GB) or all of my CF card I will be relax that I can use that iso image when I am in trouble…

Therefore I need a sortware which can create an image can run on windows XP…

Thanks …

Do you run linux or just windows?