Need to disconnect WiFi and reconnect after every restart or after waking up from sleep

I just installed Leap 15.2. I have previously used Tumbleweed before for a brief amount of time, probably a week at most. I have installed the necessary drivers for my WiFi chipset BCM4313 which is the broadcom-wl package (the open source brcmsmac doesn’t work but I don’t mind it). So every time I restart my laptop or just shut down and turn it on again or even just wake my laptop from sleep, the WiFi would have been disconnected (which is obvious if the laptop was off) but it tries to reconnect on it’s own and asks for the WiFi password. After entering the password it will just not connect to WiFi. I have to manually disconnect the WiFi from the KDE panel and then reconnect after which it works absolutely fine. The thing is I did not encounter any such issue when I was using Tumbleweed where it used to reconnect in the first attempt and I used Tumbleweed not too long ago.

I do understand that this is a mild annoyance but still an issue nonetheless. I would appreciate it if anyone could guide me regarding this issue.


Hi, welcome

Not a real solution, but a good workaround:

  • Go Systemsettings -> Networkconnections
  • Click the connection for your Wifi
  • Set in the General tab, the connection to be used by all users
  • In the IPv4 tab the passphrase to be stored unencrypted ( will be only readable for root )

This will make your Wifi connection start at boot, not after user login, and will not ask you for the password again.

It still does in my case every now and then. Sometimes I leave notebook for several hours or over night and when I am back I see password request. I guess connection gets interrupted somehow in the way interpreted by NM as “incorrect password” and it falls back to asking user. I do not know how to disable it (asking user) and as I cannot intentionally reproduce it I also did not try to debug in more details.

Well even when I was using tumbleweed is used to ask my password everytime I turned on the laptop or woke it up from sleep but if I entered the password it would connect. The problem now is that I can enter my password correct 10 times and it still won’t connect to WiFi. But if I just disconnect and reconnect and then enter the password it will connect just fine. Not sure why this is happening. I don’t think this is a driver issue because I’ve been using the same driver on a variety of distros and it has worked fine.

Probably power-saving features.


Have you checked KWalletManager? The passwords are typically stored there, can you see your saved password in KWalletManager → Network Management → Maps? Don’t forget to check the “Show values” checkbox above the right part of the window.

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Hello my freind,

I have yesterday some issues with the "broadcom-wl " driver. Everything was perfect installed but WiFi driver stayed inactive. The only solucion was :
In the Bios switch the “Secure boot” off and after reboot everything went smoothless with the driver. Try to re-install the Operating System if it doesn’t work immediately.


That driver uses an external module. And since it comes from “packman” repo, it is probably not signed with the openSUSE secure-boot key. So you may need to leave secure-boot off to use that driver.

… or sign it by yourself.