need ti install a driver for an mp3 player

Hi all,

I have an Iriver H10 20 gig mp3 player here.

OS11.2 64bit is recognizing the device, but cannot get it to work properly.

So I found a driver for it on sourceforge, called EasyH10.5, I have downloaded it.

I canot figure out how to install it. I am trying several commands without success.

If anyone can assist me on this, would be greatly appreciated.



Is there a readme file in the package?

You will probably need the gcc compiler. It does not get installed by default. Go to Yast-softwareSoftware Management and install the gcc package. Youe will see lots of gcc related packages you should only need the base package,

Also since this is a driver you may need the kernel-source package. You can determine which kerenl you are using by looking in the menu-compputer-sysinfo or by typing uname -a at a command line.

If the above does not work tell use the error you are having.

but cannot get it to work properly.

Explain what you want it do that it will not.
Are you just using file manager or a application like amarok?

Hey guys,

I am not getting errors, I have installed gcc as well.

I am trying it with rhthymbox, amarok, banshee, fspot for pic viewer.

I have read the readme and the install files, trying the commands from there, to no avail.

According to Amarok site, it should work but I think that the driver needs to be in place first.

The media players are locking up when trying to work it, as well as the device itself.



If this is a simple USB device which is what amounts to a mass storage device, many of which are much like any pen drive or camera you connect, then no drivers are needed. But if it’s a more glorified player with loads of features it may be rather difficult.

Most of these devices are made with only one or two OS in mind.

Only amarok 1.4 will work and that requires some special setting up. So have you done this. Otherwise I would look into wine and running any windows software for this device there. Or I can bump you over a free version of crossover.

Yeah, Caf.

It is one of those glorified versions with fm radio, voice recorder, pdf viewer and such.

Will find the writeup on Amarok site and post it,


What I mean is you need to remove amarok2
add the Packman kde3
Index of /suse/kde3/11.2

Then install amarok-packman amarok-xine amarok (But this will drag some kde3 stuff in)
Which may mean you need this repo too
Index of /repositories/KDE:/KDE3/openSUSE_11.2

messy Huh!

Sounds pretty standard to me. Looking it up it appears to support mass storage mode (UMS). Have you tried that? Banshee or Amarok should support that. For Banshee, you just need to create a .isaudioplayer file in the root directory of the player. An example, from my Sansa E240,

cover_art_file_name=album art.jpg

Hi Chief,

Could you please elaborate on the folder placement. I don’t know where the root directory is for amarok or banshee



I’m referring to the root folder of your H10. So, if the H10 mounts at ‘/media/h10’, save the .isaudioplayer file there.

A correction, that should be ‘.is_audio_player’.

Thanks Chief,

It actually looks like it doesn’t get that far. The icon shows up at the desktop, but it looks like it locks up from there. The only command that works from there is the unmount command.


Do you mean Banshee locks up? Can you view the contents of the H10 with a file manager?

I cannot review the contents in file manager…

Thanks Chief


Apparently, there’s a special trick for loading the H10 20GB in mass storage mode: Holding the “O” button and the power button while booting it. There’s a thread about this on iRiver must have some kind of special arrangement with Microsoft in pushing MTP.

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Nice find, Chief!!!

Awesome, will try it tomorrow (I left it at work).

Will post back tomorrow when I try it.

Thanks a million!!!


Yahoo, Chief!!!

That worked, I can’t play directly off the player, but I can upload and download into it.

Thanks for the research,


Do Banshee or Amarok recognize it? Here is an overview of options for an .is_audio_player file:

The Floccinaucinihilipilification Homepage - .is audio player file format by Darin Ohashi