need some advice (newbie!)

Hello, I recently installed openSUSE 11.1 and I’m thrilled with it. This forum has helped me with some stuff, but I have some doubts

  1. I have a bunch of .wmv files I want to turn into a DVD, should I convert them to avi first? if so, how?

  2. K3b if really easy to use, but still I would like some advice in how to make a video DVD, not a Data one.

  3. I have this really cheap web cam (KODE is the brand), Kopete recognizes it as USB camera but still I can’t make it work. Help, anyone?

  4. I have a Genius GamePad MaxFire G. Any idea on how configure it?

  5. I want to use VisualBoy Advance emulator. I installed it from YaST but I can’t find it. Any idea about this? maybe it’s not compatible with SUSE. Any suggestions about emulators for NES, SNES, GBA and N64?

  6. I installed VLC player. It reads some files very good, but in others tho colors are not correct. I know it’s not the file, how can I fix that?

Thanks for the help.


Welcome to openSUSE!

First thing you should know, is that when you post multiple questions like this, it decreases your chances of getting answers to all questions. Different forum members have expertise in different areas. So, your first, second, and sixth ones are alright in the multimedia section, although the second one could have been put in the main application forum.

Your third and fourth question belong in the Hardware section of the forum.

Your fifth question belongs in the Application section of the forum.

This will allow your questions to be answered a lot more quickly as a member who’s good with hardware will not be able to find your questions about cameras and gamepads in the multimedia section.

That being said, here is the repository for emulators. Index of /repositories/Emulators/openSUSE_11.1
You can find all those emulators there and many more.
I used mupen64 for Nintendo 64 emulation.

Hope this helps!


Thanks for the advice! how can I edit this thread?

openSUSE only allows editing of posts for ten minutes after the original post. This helps get rid of some misunderstandings.

As you can see your post changed since I quoted it. If you were to completely change your post my post wouldn’t make any sense. So if you can’t edit it just re-post the questions that pertain to multimedia here. Then start new threads for the other questions in the appropriate sections of the forum.


I see… gotta be more careful the next time, I guess. Any idea about questions 1 & 2?

by the way, I installed the emulator repository you send, pretty cool.

And if I may add to ijbreakeys useful advice on how to post, give your posts meaningfull titles. That also may attracht the right person to your problem.

The title “need some advice” is not very enlightening, after all most posters need advice.

Here’s help with #1 – If you want to convert .wmv to .avi go to the package manager and download ffmpeg and winff. Winff is a gui that makes running ffmpeg simple.

Then launch winff and open the .wmv video clip using the “add” button.

In the “convert to” drop-down select “AVI.”

Then in the “device preset” drop-down select what you want, for example “XviD fullscreen.”

In the “output folder” select where you want the converted file to be placed.

Click “convert” at the top and the terminal will open and show some activity. Click “y” to continue and you’ll get more activity. At the end you end up with your file converted to .avi.

Simple! Hope this helps.

Wow, great man! thanks a lot. Now I making a DVD should be a lot easier.