Need RPM app not available in repos: Alien, OBS, compile?


I’m trying to get an app install and working (Puddletag). Other tagging apps just aren’t working well.

The problem is that it seems only available as a .deb or to compile from source (which I’ve not yet done). While I know it’s great to know how to do it and a great project, I have a lot on right now and if I can find an easier way, I’d love to go that route.

I’ve tried installing from a Snap and while the install works great, it can’t access any of my files because of the sandboxing and the dev didn’t offer the options to use any of the snaps interfaces (I’ve tried many with no luck). So, I’m looking for other options.

My other question is about OBS. I know it’s an OpenSUSE project but does that mean that anything in the OBS can be easily installed on OpenSUSE? The one that’s the latest version only shows Debian Testing in the dropdown menu and I’m worried that means it won’t work with OpenSUSE (which is confusing to me since it’s their project, but I digress). Could anyone confirm this either way? This is the latest version I could find (by opening each link): And here is a link with several of the options:

And of course, there’s Alien. I could simply convert the .deb to an .rpm. I’ve heard mixed things about it but it must work at least some of the time or it wouldn’t be an option, right? (Or something like that.)

Are there any other options that I’ve missed?

I’d love to learn which might be the best way to go. Any info would be amazing! Thanks so much. :slight_smile:

The OBS versions are using needs python qt4 it needs updating and building from source for qt5 support, perhaps user ecsos (add a comment at the following link) to update their version to the latest and build for Tumbleweed?

Do contact the OBS maintainer for Puddletag and have him update the package.

In the meantime,
If you want to just run Puddletag from source, it doesn’t seem to need any compiling…
The following slightly modifies the Source instructions to install the needed RPM dependencies… Apparently the Puddletag authors are “in progress” trying to put together instructions (for Fedora, but would likely be same for openSUSE).

Install the repositories for the latest, bleeding edge KDE packages and update your system.

zypper ar -p 75 KDE-Frameworks
zypper ar -p 75 KDE-Applications
zypper ar -p 75 KDE-Extra
zypper -v dup --allow-vendor-change

Install your Puddletag dependencies (slightly modified by me), plus git to clone the source code

zypper in git python3 python3-mutagen python3-configobj python3-pyparsing python38-pyqt5 python38-qt5-devel

Make a directory where you want to store the source code, it can be anywhere but I recommend it should be a subdirectory somewhere in your home User directory…

mkdir github
cd github

Clone the Puddletag source with the following command (be sure your cursor is wherever you want your source to be downloaded to, the above suggests a subdirectory of a directory called “github”)

git clone

Change directory to the root of your Puddletag root

cd puddletag

The following runs Puddletag (source instructions)

PYTHONPATH=source/ ./source/puddletag

Of course, the above command can be simplified…
You can simply cd to the source subdirectory and run


Pretty simple, no compiling necessary, just python script.
Since nothing is installed, when the package is available in an openSUSE package, you can remove this “run from source” by simply deleting the puddletag directory tree. I don’t know how you can export and import Puddletag files, so that part is up to you.