I have so many problem. I don’t know were to begin.Sigh. Good News I got stepmania to work. Wow that took five day.

Let start with my first problem.

This is what happen when I change my revolution size of the stepmania!!! I was force to shut down computer. So how do I get my panel to look normal again??

  1. You see were it show my time. And said Paris… Will to get my real time I have to set it to Paris, FR!!! I live in the USA. My timezone is Central or -6:00GMT. So how do I fix this??

  2. When I first change my sound Driver. It was work just find tell I restart computer. Then I switch it back to my normal input. So what happen is: 1) change the sound driver. 2) Put it input in the right spot back of my computer. 3) It work just wonders. 4) restart computer. 5) had no sound. 6) change pack to old input. 7) got sound back. 8) look to see if it was still on the same driver i set it to. So how do I keep the sound driver and input stay in it spot that it was??

  3. How do I get my video card updated? Reason, stepmania is LAGGING!! I never haded this problem on my XP. It a nVidia GeForce 6100.

  1. right click on the clock and configure yr timezone
  2. have you some kde4 effects turned on? shut down effects and try again (i use toggle-composite plasmoid to easily switch between modes)
  3. what’s stepmania?