Need help with NFS

I’m trying to setup NFS, but without success. I followed the instructions from NFS - openSUSE and Setup Network File Sharing Server In Red-Hat Linux

The following NFS related packages are installed on my machine:

S | Name                  | Summary                                 | Type   
i | limal-nfs-server      | LiMaL--NFS Server Library               | package
i | limal-nfs-server-perl | LiMaL--NFS Server Library Perl Bindings | package
i | nfs-client            | Support Utilities for NFS               | package
i | nfs-doc               | Support Utilities for NFS               | package
i | nfs-kernel-server     | Support Utilities for Kernel nfsd       | package
i | nfsidmap              | NFSv4 ID Mapping Library                | package
i | yast2-nfs-client      | YaST2 - NFS Configuration               | package
i | yast2-nfs-common      | YaST2 - NFS Configuration, common parts | package
i | yast2-nfs-server      | YaST2 - NFS Server Configuration        | package

/etc/exports contains following:

/home/boris	*(ro,no_root_squash,sync,no_subtree_check)

I did:

service portmap restart
service nfs restart

My other machine does not detect any NFS shares on the network.

When I try to mount locally, the following happens:

mount /mnt/NFS
mount.nfs: access denied by server while mounting

Can someone help me with this?

Thanks in advance,

I simply used YaST > system > system Services (Runlevel) to start NFS kernel server on one systeme and NFS client on the other. There is also Yast > Network Services > NFS Server/Client, wich will let you define everything you need I think.
In both cases YaST will take care of starting not only NFS, but also the needed portmap program (this has another name thee earlier) and other RCP programs and firewall settings. So why not use the system management tool you have?

Indeed, I started in YAST with NFS Server/Client tools. However, it didn’t work. So I’m trying to figure out what is wrong.

NFS client can’t find any NFS servers on my network.
Even when when I enter the server IP address, client still does not see any shares.

Should I enable NFSv4?
I have no clue when that is needed or useful!

However, as you mentioned System Services (Runlevel), I didn’t verify that both services (client and server) are started on my machines.
I’ll play with it and see if that solves my problem.

You start server on the system where you export and client on the system where you mount. A system can have both functions of course, but you say you mount from localhost, that means that both functions must run on the same system.

You say: NFS client can’t find any NFS servers on my network.
Searching (and finding) is not a function of NFS-client. You should just mount, either by hand, but normally by using /etc/fstab.

You say you started them using YaST, but did you do the whole configuration with YaST or did you edit /etc/exports (on the server) and /etc/fstab (on the client) yourself?

You show a mount command in your first post. I can not see if this done as root (sorry, but I am always very suspicious about the things not shown).

Thank you Henk.

The problem is solved.

As it appears on both machines only NFS servers were on, while the client service was disabled. When I started the clients in System Services (Runlevel), the shares were mounted properly.

Nice it works!

BTW they are not ‘shares’. I suppose this is an MS type of thing. They are just NFS exports and NFS mounts. lol!