need help: tftpd32 pxe server on windows to install opensuse

Hey all. I am new to pxe booting and my dad messed up his old laptop that he runs linux on. Problem with the laptop is that you cant boot off a usb drive and the cd drive is broken in it. Thus, we must install opensuse via pxe.

The only computer in the house that works is mine, which runs windows 7. I downloaded a pxe server called tftpd.

I have it configured as follows (for testing purposes i have my firewall turned off)
IP pool starting address:
Size of pool: 30
Boot File: pxelinux.0
WINS/DNS Server:
Default router:

Base Directory: C: ftboot
PXE Compatibility: checked

everything here is checked

My file structure is as follows:
C: ftboot
C: ftboot\initrd (from an opensuse cd)
C: ftboot\linux (also from the same opensuse cd)
C: ftboot ftpd32.exe
C: ftboot\pxelinux.0 (from a syslinux package i downloaded)
C: ftboot\pxelinux.cfg
C: ftboot\pxelinux.cfg\default

My default file looks like this:

default install
prompt 1
timeout 30

Install i386 Linux

label install
kernel linux
append initrd=initrd splash=silent vga=0x314 showopts install=

When i try to do a pxe boot from the laptop hooked with a wire on the same network, it appears to make a connection with the server. However, i get an error “no bootfile recieved” after a short time. I have looked for well over a couple hours now to figure out how to properly set it up but to no avail. any help would be appreciated

ty in advance

Can I suggest you try to use the Network install option for openSUSE rather than debug PXE?

try serva32
Serva32 / Serva64
Serva Debian PXE Install
Serva Ubuntu PXE Install

these how-to are not exactly what you want but the configuration parameters are the same…

On 2011-04-01 19:06, T3h Ph0x wrote:

> but to no avail. any help would be appreciated

Some docs:


They are for SLES, but they are the only links I found when I searched for PXE.

Cheers / Saludos,

Carlos E. R.
(from 11.2 x86_64 “Emerald” at Telcontar)

I also use tftpd32 in windows, and im curious, anyone know if theres an equivalent application for opensuse/linux?
I know i can install the pxe and dhcp services, configure them, etc. But since i would only use them from time to time to boot other computers by pxe, it feels like an overkill. it would be nice to have a “one button, turn on - turn off” solution like tftpd32, instead of having to run and configure each service.

You write a Bash script to do that. Run script whenever you need it.