Need help test xreader crashing in X11:Cinnamon:Factory


I recently package xreader 2.8.2.

Starting xreader from terminal I got.

symbol lookup error: xreader: undefined symbol: ev_document_model_set_rtl

I don’t know if I am missing dep or not. Can someone confirm the issue?
I also report in here but no response yet.

Why are you installing directly from a development repository unless you’re helping to develop the app?

install an official release for your system instead from X11:Cinnamon:Current


I maintain the package. I want to update it, but it would not run because it crash. So I’m asking if anyone have some clue.

Any Development questions (including package development) should be asked in the Development forums and my suggestion the OBS sub-forum.

Thx for your efforts!

Generally speaking,
There isn’t nearly enough info in your post to hazard any kind of guess, the problem could be caused by numerous things…
Recommend you at least try to narrow down where the problem is (eg which files are different from working, anything else besides the macros you refer to? Then if the problem is in the macros, diff the macros to identify which ones are different, then evaluate each whether there might be a need for symbols? You can also instrument the macros by for instance echoing something like a “completed macro 2” to log or stdout to verify macros that complete to identify where the error is being thrown)
So that others won’t need to backtrack everything you’ve tried, if you can narrow down where the problem might be, it would also be helpful to post specific things you might not understand instead of making people inspect your entire project top to bottom.


ok thanks will try it