Need help - Looking for a lost friend in Germany

I am looking for a long lost friend (days before internet), and I need some directions from you guys, in Germany.

Is there some site where I can search for people, and not to be dating site?

I am trying by name, and city (Dillingen), but I get people from all over the world. Google is not of too much help, gets me very broad results.

But why you ask here? Is he using Opensuse? If not, you may try (if you know his village) to directly post on some blackboard in the local community site (maybe they have, often this is the case). BTW google gives you broad results if you search not restricted enough. You might join his profession, or anything else you recall. Contact me via PM I will try to give you a hand.

Try searching the social networks…

Couldnt find on local networks.

For local billboards, would need to speak german, and I dont…


I was hoping someone knows some site, and/or living in Dillingen or Ulm.

If you have name and city, why not just try the phonebook.
Telefonbuch Deutschland - Telefonverzeichnis für deutsche Adressen mit Telefonnummer

tried, no luck