Need features missing from Thunderbird 102 - They are in Betterbird 102 - a Thunderbird fork by the original Thunderbird developer

I used some features of Thundebird 91 that were no longer in Thundebird 102.
I went looking for a mail reader that had those features and found Betterbird.
It can import everything from Thunderbird except your mail passwords,

I installed it in /opt/Betterbird as it is not part of OpenSUSE. Link:

Here’s what is going to be removed in Thunderbird 115:

One very disconcerting trend is becoming clear: More and more functionality that existed for decades is being removed from Thunderbird. Of course we will endeavour to restore it in Betterbird:

  • Total and unread/selected count removed from status bar. Yes, it’s definetely gone!
  • Can’t select multiple folders any more for bulk processing. Yes, it’s definetely gone!
  • Can’t use context menu on a different folder without losing focus on the current folder. Gone (so far)!
  • No more connecting lines in threaded view: Yes, they are gone (so far)!
  • The new card view, a poor implementation of a true multi-line view, can’t the threaded. Not so useful.

We have integrated all our features and fixes into the Thunderbird 115 codebase and are now waiting for that codebase to stabilise. There are currently (16th May 2023) about 160 open bugs, see report here. That’s down from a peak of about 200 bugs, some of which have simply be closed as “wont fix”.