ncpmount error

NCP Mount worked fine in Open Suse 11.2, but fails in 11.3

Using the same script, but after upgrade I just get this error…

ncpmount: No such device in mount(2)

So doing an “upgrade” may not upgrade every file in your computer. Perhaps you need to refresh its installation. I show the following information on the program when in the terminal mode as root.

su -
cnf ncpmount

The program 'ncpmount' can be found in following packages:
  * ncpfs  path: /usr/bin/ncpmount, repository: zypp (repo-oss) ]
  * ncpfs  path: /usr/bin/ncpmount, repository: zypp (openSUSE-11.3 11.3-1.82) ]

Try installing with:
    zypper install ncpfs

I don’t know if the program has a problem under openSUSE 11.3, but doing an upgrade simply may not replace all programs that need to be compiled against the new release.

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How did you upgrade?

You will need to have the package ‘ncpfs’ installed. That contains the ‘ncpmount’ command.

The ncpfs package is installed, and Yast tells me it is the most recent version.

The command runs, and that is the error it gives me

ncpmount: No such device in mount(2)

Thanks for the advice, by the way…

One last suggestion ota. Create a new user, log in as that user and try your command again. Copy over the script file if required to the new user. Old settings from openSUSE 11.2, might also be the problem and it is worth a try to see if a new user created under openSUSE 11.3, might work properly.

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