Nautilus Open as Admin

Hey Folks,

I’m just getting used to the switch to openSuse as well as the forums. I searched for this topic and found some info for older releases.

I would like to add “Open as Admin” to the context menu with Nautilus. I downloaded Nautilus Actions Tools but cannot find info to set up the action. I then looked for the ‘extras’ package for the Actions Tool but can’t find it within the software management in YaST.

I am using 42.1 Leap with the Gnome DE.

I recently made the switch to openSuse from the *buntu derived distros and have found the system to be much more stable and easy to use. Now it’s just getting the learning curve going.

Any and all help will be greatly appreciated and I apologize if I have doubled up on an existing post.


Just copy the desktop file to your local (user) directory and add gnomesu in front…

cp /usr/share/applications/org.gnome.Nautilus.desktop .local/share/applications/gnomesu_nautilus.desktop
vi .local/share/applications/nautilus.desktop

Change the Name= to Superuser Files and Exec= to gnomesu -c nautilus, save, then press atl+F2 and enter the letter r and press enter (this will restart the shell, now pop into overview mode and search for Super, it will appear in the list, right-click and add to favorites.

The last post more or less confused me even more. I’m not sure if I executed the directions wrong but the right click context menu quit working all together. I have been hunting for quite some time to try to utilize the Nautilus Action Tool but can’t find anything. I then thought maybe switching file managers to something like Nemo would be an option but that looks like it’s impossible in openSuse.

I’m going to do a bit more research but may end up back with Ubuntu Gnome as I can pull down the package nautilus-admin which does the trick.

Thanks again for the help!

Don’t use vi to edit the file then, say gedit? All it is is an entry in the file, here a shortened version of the desktop file, less all the translations.

[Desktop Entry]
Name=Superuser Files
Exec=gnomesu -c nautilus

I have tried to do this per the instructions as best as I can understand them and it does not work. Is there not a more simple way to accomplish this or directions that are a little more understandable than those above?

Did you manager to copy the nautilus desktop file ok and it’s just the editing, or something else?