NAS connection through firewall

A NAS on my network is running minimserver to serve my audio data to my subnet.
In order to control minimserver there is an app, minimwatch, which I am planning to run on my home workstation and have installed it but at present this is not working and the minimwatch log tells me:-

Retrying monitor subscription for server at XXX.XXX.XXX.XXX:9791 (attempt xx)

I am told this is caused by a firewall on the machine running MinimWatch that is blocking inbound connections to MinimWatch from MinimServer. The port number for the inbound connection is assigned dynamically and I must allow inbound connections to all port numbers.

I suspect the NAS is already insecure and uses UPnP which doesn’t help. If I am to persevere with minimwatch rather than just browsing to the NAS and logging in, what is the correct way to achieve this connection please.

Did not you ask it already?

How do I fix my firewall to enable minimwatch on laptop to talk to NAS - English / Network/Internet - openSUSE Forums

Hi and yes I do recall and thanks for reminding me.

Sadly your detailed and lengthy assistance subsequently failed on re-boots and I didn’t have time to continue at the time. I am picking it up again now and on reflection I should perhaps have resumed my earlier thread. If appropriate I can revert to that but please let me refresh my memory. The problem is not urgent, more a technical challenge and I am buried in accounting at present. Will get back to you in due course.
Regards and thanks again,