nano, pico segmentation fault

openSUSE Tumbleweed 20180331

nano and pico when started from the command line receive a Segmentation fault.

Did searches, but all appeared last year.

gdb nano

Reading symbols from nano…"Missing separate debuginfo for /usr/bin/nano
Try: zypper install -C “debuginfo(build-id)=d6ed57583c211f6c617a56a31d5c21ddbf0eb299”

zypper install -C "debuginf…

No provider of ‘debuginfo… found’

Look in the repository for debug symbols did not find.

Anyone else experience this and find a fix?

“nano” seems to be okay here.

I have a file named “calendar” in my home directory. I used:

nano calendar

and it seemed to be working correctly.

You might check whether “nano” is using incompatible libraries that you may have installed with other software.

I opened up yast and saw there was an update to libncurses (text in red). I thought Software Updates app would have taken care of that. Oh well, updated and nano works. Thx

Oy, this is an indication that you’re probably not updating your Tw correctly. The only -documented- option you have is ‘zypper dup’ and nothing else. If you used YaST or update applets before, please refrain from doing so and run ‘zypper dup’ to get your Tw in a proper state.