Naming encrypted volume

I am trying to set up to encrypted USB hard drives for doing backups. The problem is that the encrypted volumes always show up in dolphin as “Volume (crypto_LUKS)” and when decrypted the volume is always mounted as “/media/disk” or “/media/disk-#” (where # is a sequential number that gets reset at each reboot). My other hard drives all have names, and these names show up both in Dolphin and when mounting (i.e /media/name). I can’t seem to get that to work with the encrypted volumes. I at least want to name the volume that shows up when I decrypt (the one that appear in /media), although I prefer to name both.

I cannot find an option in openSUSE’s partitioner to name the partition (although the disk does have a name, one that does not show up in Dolphin or /media), I cannot find an alternative GUI program, and trying to follow instructions on setting it up using the command line cryptsetup program did not seem to work. Does anyone know how to do this? I am using openSUSE 11.1.

Is there no way to do this?

Using disklabels works for me™.

man tune2fs


man reiserfstune

Thanks! That worked for the decrypted volumes. Is there a way to rename the encrypted volume?

What exactly do you mean?

When I use KDE, the encrypted volumes are both labelled as “Volume (crypto_LUKS)”. That means I cannot tell them apart until they are mounted, at which point the label of the contents of the encrypted drives becomes available. I would like to have some way to differentiate them before I try to mount them, if possible.

You could try to write your own udev-rule(s) for mapping the respective devices (using the UUIDs of the encrypted partitions).

Writing udev rules

However that will not guarantee that dolphin will use those names when displaying them.

I don’t know any other possibilities and as stated above, I am not really sure (or better “very much doubt”) this will change the way dolphin displays the decrypted volumes.