MySQL query browser for 11.4?

Can query browser be installed in 11.4??

I’ve tried to use workbench but it’s such a big step backwards in that you can’t easily edit the output from a “select x,y,z from table” query. I’d have thought that was a pretty basic requirement…



Is this the one you are looking for? mysql-query-browser

Well, yes, that one.

For heavens’ sake; I’ve been searching for that for a week! >:(

Thanks very much; I’ve added that repo.

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I think all mysql gui tools are now combined in the workbench.
This package is in the standard repo: mysql-workbench

Currently MySql is combining them all into Workbench, but I’m not 100% satisfied with it and over the weekend had to download the older MySql Administrator and Query programs.

The issue was trying to add a user account which I wanted to limit it to a few activities for only one of the databases (SELECT, DELETE, INSERT and EXECUTE). I just could not get it done with Workbench. I even tried deleting and adding a new account and that didn’t work.

Within 5 minutes of installing the Administrator I had the account set up just as I wanted.

Ahh, but - you cant’ edit a table in situ, doing a “select xx from yyy” then editing the table as easily (if at all) as you can in QB. So I’ll stick with that :frowning:

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