MySQL federated engine support in 11.2

Hi All

Can someone answer if MySQL 5.1.36, included in 11.2 is distributed with federated engine support enabled?


If you tell me how to check, I have 11.2, I have MySQL 5.1.36 running smoothly with a couple of demo sites/databases on my laptop.

Hi Knurpht

Just need to open a mysql console connected to one of your running services and execute “show engines” command.

If federated database is supported by the service you should see on the list of supported engines something like

“FEDERATED”,“YES”,“Federated MySQL storage engine”
“FEDERATED”,“DISABLED”,“Federated MySQL storage engine”

Depending if you have the “federated” option (or not) under [mysqld] section in your my.cnf file

If it’s not supported then
“FEDERATED”,“NO”,“Federated MySQL storage engine”

With the 5.0.67 included in 11.1 the support is not enabled in the binaries distributed (see this post MySQL and Federated Storage Engine - openSUSE Forums). Hope in 11.2 with the new binaries the support to be enabled.


Well it does.

Dont panic if you see
“FEDERATED”,“NO”,“Federated MySQL storage engine”
when you execute show engines command.

That means you start the mysqld[_multi] either without --federated option, or you didnt specify the federated option under [mysqld[x]] section in my.conf.

If you add this option you shall see
“FEDERATED”,“YES”,“Federated MySQL storage engine”
… and it really works!