mysql 5.1.53


i want to setup a mysql server, however,
there are no mysql packages version 5.1.53 in the opensuse 11.3 repo’s

even not phpmyadmin

where can i find
mysql, mysql-client, mysql-community-server for version 5.1.53?

no result,
i get an error, while searching on amarok gives me rpm’s

Try search using “mysql-community” to cut down on the number of results.

i get an error searching on mysql

<status code=“413”> <summary>search limit reached</summary> </status>

ignore my last post
i found them


mysql-community works for me.


I want to ask if you have managed to install mysql 5.1.53 successfully on OpenSUSE 11.3 ?! I assume you had to uninstall the originally bundled version, did not you ?!

Any information regarding that is highly appreciated! Thanks in advance.