my wireless icon on the pane disappeared!

yes. that is what happened. and without it, i don’t know how to connect to wifi.

i have a 2133 hp compaq mini-note and am running suse linux 10 (according to a lil sticker on the thing).

it is mysterious.

Normally you should ask this question (any future ones at least) in the
Novell SLED forums (hhtp:// :slight_smile:

Did you try logging out and back in again? Did you change any network
settings in YaST eg change from Network Manager to Traditional?

Else in the Control Center startup applications should have a item
called network manager daemon (from memory). Has this been disabled?

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For Gnome goto Menu/Computer icon on the Panel → Control Centre → System → Network Connections. You can open NM there or you can use your mouse to Drag it to the Panel where it will reinsert itself onto the Panel.

That hasn`t worked…

Also - any ideas how to find the wireless connection without using the panel

What version of Suse are you running?

suse enterprise (I think 10.1, definately 10 something)

That will be with Gnome desktop. Goto the Menu → Control Centre → System → Network Connections. Drag the Network Connections onto the Panel with your mouse.