My Windows 7 challenge

Okay I have not booted into windows 7 in MONTHS now thanks to the netflix workaround on linux, but today I decided why not give Win7 a few days to shine, I have neglected it for a while and feel kind of sorry for it as I will honestly say I like windows 7 (the best one I have used since win2k)
So my goal?
Go a full week under windows 7 without booting over to the other side.
Yeah simple I know but hey as i said I feel bad for my win7 install that I barely use.
But I got to get this thing tweaked a little, so first step:
Install ambiance theme for windows 7 to make it feel like Ubuntu so I can feel more at home
Yeah Ubuntu theme for win7 but there is no real other linux like theme for win7

Is the theme available for download from MS sites? I thought that you couldn’t install custom themes without cracking the shell

No its a cracked theme.
I used the third party theme patcher

These patches may compromise security of the system.

Tried three different pairs of glasses, still reading the same. Checked the header of the forums. Checked whether I’m awake. Yep, all well, I’m reading my first post here on windu experiences :D.
BTW: what is “cracked”?

Instead of reading glasses you should have tried sunglasses;)
Cracked = hacked=compromise=modified=by unkown source.

Got ya :P. I love pretending that I know as little about windows as windows users do about linux. To be honest, over the years it’s become less and less “pretending” :D.

ah its okay, things seem fine as I checked for security holes.