My suspicion is that openSUSE is increasing in popularity but isn't talked about much because it works so well

If we’ve seen the statistics over the past few months, openSUSE downloads have been increasing like never before because of the recent IBM and Canonical drama. There was a server crash yesterday

The thing is, people love openSUSE, but in my suspicious opinion don’t talk about it much because it works so well for them, particularly Leap.

So is it that it works so well they don’t have time to point out any flaws and just focus on their work?


There’s this Planet openSUSE News post: <>


You could be right. I would have not stay with opensuse for 20 years if I’m not happy and satisfied with it.


You don’t run around and yell, “i’m using gneric-linux-distribution-name and it is good”. Maybe your friends and some colleagues know that you are into linux. But until they also use linux, you don’t tell them which distribution you use (because they don’t understand or care). You use the linux distribution you like most and support it (and there are enough ways how to support and help your linux distribution which you like most. No need to point them out to a real linux user…).

Or, they’re taking a look to see if, it’s worth migrating from whatever they were using before –

  • Because of, whatever it was which destroyed their faith in whatever it was that they’ve been happily using up until, something unfortunate happened within the last few months …

You don’t run around and yell, “i’m using gneric-linux-distribution-name and it is good”

So you’ve never met an Arch user, I take it.

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Plenty, they’re less annoying than Nix users, anymore.

My main computer OS has been openSUSE for around 15. years.

Why ?
Because it was the only one of the four linux versions I tried to install that worked for me when I knew almost zero about linux…

It took me a few years to learn, and feel comfortable to try other linux versions.

When I replace computers, usually install both openSUSE and Ubuntu, so IF either fails can quickly reboot to continue doing what need do, then search for fixes to resolve whatever went wrong :slight_smile: