My Gnome Desktop.

Here you go:](

What do you use for the clock and stuff on the right side?

Like you, I use the weather and Evolution Tasks enabled with system time on the task bar.
Why did you put a weather app on the desktop?

I used screenlets.

No reason I like it that way.

I tried KDE widgets they are not as good looking as the Gnome screenlets.

Have you tried using different KDE desktop themes. Gnome has stock themes and you can customize them for colors, fonts, controls, borders?, etc.

No I’ll stick to Gnome for now.

I can spot screenlets, amarok from KDE3, what looks like cairo-dock. It’s a desktop that shows openSUSE in a good light because it defuses the binary argument that says you must choose one or the other desktop exclusively. Furthermore, it shows something that I encourage, which is tweaking your system, as opposed to arguing about which distro or desktop looks best out-of-the-box.

My desktop is similar, even down to the preferred apps; one thing you might like if it isn’t already there and hidden, is the Yakuake drop-down terminal (from KDE4) which works well under Gnome.

I usually don’t do much tweaking to the system because by the time I am happy with it, invariably something comes along (like, um…, a new distro release :wink: ) and I have to go through the whole thing again :wink:

I don’t understand. You use the separate /home partitioning to preserve your /home folders during a new install or upgrade, so why would your Desktop preferences change unless you switch from KDE to Gnome or something?

You could also backup and restore your hidden and config files in your /home directory.

I keep changing things from one distro to another, encrypted, partially encrypted, whole disk encrypted and back again.

Although I recently switched from openSUSE Gnome to openSUSE KDE (and looking to go back to openSUSE Gnome after I demonstrate the Plasma Netbook Workspaces in mid-September).

Oh, and I also have 3 hard drives on the system so it’s difficult enough keeping track of who has which files. :wink:

I am working on some things to backup/clone the /home partition easily so I can restore just the files, etc. if I want, so I don’t have a tone of config files sitting there for DE or application I don’t have anymore.

So I guess it falls under laziness. :wink:

I just run a mirrored partition called data and then run a script to
softlink the common stuff. Then don’t create a separate /home.

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