My experience after one week with Leap 15.3

Hello everybody!

I am a 47-year-old Austrian and long time Debian user.

The reason why I switched some of my computers to openSUSE is the excellent hardware recognition: I was looking for a stable Linux distribution to install on an old Dell 3120 chromebook. openSUSE and Manjaro were the only ones that got the audio working. And I still distrust rolling release distributions.

Some issues I encountered:

There seems to be no resynthesizer-plugin available for Gimp in Leap 15.3. But there are AppImages that contain all the plugins I need.

After an update, the save-dialog in Brave always disappeared after one second. The issue and the solution are described in the following thread:

I also had to search for a while how to install Minecraft without the need to use snap. The following launcher worked very well:

I am using an Intel NUC 7pjyh to play Minecraft and it runs MUCH better than with Debian.

Hopefully, openSUSE will be stable enough to keep using it. :slight_smile:

So far, I also liked zypper and some parts of YaST.

Hi and Welcome to the Forum :slight_smile:
I just use the default launcher download as well as add optifine, I run on minecraft on SLED 15 SP3 (Leap 15.3 base) which has dual AMD gpus, so can use offload. My desktop runs Tumbleweed, minecraft rocks along there as well :wink:

Hello Malcolm,
Minecraft is essential! :wink:
I also noticed that openSUSE uses less RAM than my other systems.


as i recall it is in the graphics repo

direct dl

the python scripts were ported from python2 to 3 for gimp 3

@JohnVV: Thanks for that link!

Did the link worked? How did it helped you?