My 15.4 to 15.5 dup

I will likely get my hand smack again, but:

I used this link to do the dup.

I found the instructions easier to follow without having to dig into the SDB page(s)

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Iā€™m puzzled about the new Leap 15.5 4096 bit RSA signing keys needed by RPM.

  • When you performed the Zypper Refresh with the Leap 15.5 repositories, was there a message indicating that the following new keys were imported by RPM?
    ā€œopenSUSE Project Signing Keyā€
    ā€œopenSUSE:Backports OBS Projectā€

I do not remember the signing key or backports names, but I had to answer YES to 2 things in the process.
Same situation on workstation & laptop. It confused me at first because of the way it was worded, but I responded yes anyway.