Muzlocker's Repo Messing up Certain Fonts

Hi guys,

Any of you using muzlocker’s repo? The fonts look magnificent, however, on some sites, they’re completely distorted. Here’s a comparison from SUSE’s site, for example.

You can see the contrast between the fonts, though every font should look smooth and polished. Any idea what could be wrong?


What res and dots per inch are you running??

I suggest you use a camera to show the problem in general translation between one system at one res and another at a different one thorough some screen capture may not show what you want. Personally I don’t see anything wrong.

Here’s the version on the other install, with infinality ultimate font patch. I’d use it, but Muzlocker does a better job generally. Just take a look at the difference.

So what res and what DPI

Also that at repo seems a bit old

If you want subpixel look here

BTW I assume this is 13.2 right?

I got the same problem, it’s seem caused by bitmap fonts.

I solve the problem by disable the font’s being used, so the web will fallback to the next font.

It is indeed very old.

Very nice, finally a replacement for Muzlocker repo.