mute button mutes, but does not un-mute

I recently installed 11.2 on my hp dv-9000 laptop. I previously had 11.1 on it. (i did a new install, not an upgrade) I have noticed that in 11.2, when I hit the hp mute button, a mute graphic comes up and the sound mutes. when I hit it again, an ‘un-mute’ graphic comes up, but the sound does NOT come back. In order to get the sound back, i have to hit the sound + or - buttons. This worked just fine in 11.1 on this same hardware.

anyone point me in the right direction?


Are you running KDE or GNOME? In 11.1, I noticed that “mute” really meant “set volume to 0” in GNOME. Therefore, there is no “unmute” by definition, since it doesn’t remember the old volume setting.

I was using gnome in 11.1 and am using it now in 11.2 Also, I am quite sure that in 11.1, the mute did also ‘un-mute’