music streaming client

I would like to stream music from my computer through a stream server I already have and DJ online. I tried to install the streaming service through Amarok but it only plays music from existing radio stations, that’s not what I want to do. I installed darkice which seems much better suited, plugged in all the values but I hit a snag. In darkice.cfg it has [Input] device = /dev/dsp for oss, I am running phonon and so its not going to work with /dev/dsp (I was hoping it would but after a ton of googling it’s no go) I just need to find the device i need to use but I can’t remember the command to do so and yast was not much help although I am sure there was a hint there somewhere

going to reinitiallize onboard sound and bypass the add on envoy card

Editing my first post would have been easier but in any case my on board sound card doesn’t work, I gave up on the envy tho and put in my old soundblaster live card, this pointed me to hw:0,0.(I didn’t actually find this anywhere I just remember seeing it once upon a time and plugging it in let the pc recognize my soundcard). Now I have another error but am getting there

Success!! Pulseaudio had to be disabled before I could get any consistency with my sound cards. I am able to stream using either Amarok or VLC but I am having an issue with the volume. I need a way to turn up the captured stream, although it shows up as on full in alsa mixer, its anywhere but full when I play it back and I have to turn up the receiver to over half to just hear it. I am going to mess around some more but if anyone has an idea please feel free to jump in.


How are you doing with the volume issue?

BTW, what DJ client/HW do you use, just playing through AmaroK or?

With regard the OSS /dev/dsp module it is possible to work around that problem; the best in regard performance is to load and use the OSS module itself, however that will capture the card and make access to the device impossible for other applications while the icecast session last; this might not be a problem though? Otherwise, you could use either alsa-oss emulation or the equivalent for PulseAudio.

As root:

modprobe snd-pcm-oss

This loads the OSS module(s), this isn’t permanent, however, and it will not be loaded at next boot.

To use emulation start the chosen application from a terminal passing the command which suits your set-up(ALSA or PA):

aoss (name of app)
padsp (name of app)