music app ?

Hi, does someone app that can slow down music or video without loosing pitch and also loop, i.e. in order to learn playing music etc ?
In windoz there is for instance movie magician that I use, however, I really want to switch from windoz to suse :expressionless:

vlc, mplayer

mpg123, ogg123, sox (play) …

In case you like to preserve the pitch of a track, Audacity can do that (I’m not sure whether the apps Akoellh suggested can do so - take a look in their manuals, since Audacity is rather a recording application).

Yup, they can (tried it before posting) and found the respective options by

doing exactly that.


Good search values when browsing the man pages are “tempo” “speed” and “pitch”.

You can also use mixxx, it’s in the Packman repository. Works good for me.