Mugen doesn't run

I can’t run mugen for linux

I have 10.3…

I just click on the mugen binary and nothing happens…

On terminal I write “exec /.mugen”… and nothing…

No errors, just exit

Do you know what happend?

I download mugen from

please help me :frowning:

open a console, cd to where the folder is & type


& press enter



strange, worked fine for me, don’t normally fiddle with games.


what happens then?

mmm… I didn’t find anything on google about this…

do you have OpenSuse 11?

yep, openSUSE11.0, fully updated running on a laptop. Just extracted the tarfile,opened the readme,opened a console,cd’d to the folder & ran the command & up popped a little screen asking me to press F8 to accept terms & conditions,


I just tested it on my laptop and it works fine here as well. I suggest starting over - permissions may have become messed up or something. Redownload the file and extract it into a separate folder, then run ./mugen in the folder.