mptbase fault code

Hello !

My server suffered from disk failure repeatedly. I am using FSC RX300 server and SATA disk drive attached via LSI LogicSAS1068E PCI-Express SAS adapter
I have allready changed the disk drives, and the adapter as well. The error causes the disk drive to be lost from operating system, and after reboot it is available again. I am using opensuse 10.3 kernel I am running same configurations on two more servers without problems

In /var/log/messages I found this
db smartd[4600]: Device: /dev/sdb, No such device or address, open() failed

in /var/log/warn at the same time is message
db kernel: mptbase: ioc0: WARNING - IOC is in FAULT state!!!
db kernel: FAULT code = 0b1fh

How can I decode the FAULT code ?
I have checked the mptbase.c there is function called GetIocState which returns code using ioc->chip->Doorbell
So what is this error code and where it comes from ? Maybe decoding the fault code could help me to find the source of the problem.

Thank you !