MPlayer lack of sound with AC3

Using MPlayer (or SMPlayer, alternatively) I don’t get any sound from videos that use AC3. How do I install AC3 support for MPlayer?

As with any sound question: did you do the vendor change to Packman?


There’s the ArchWiki entry: <>

And, the MPlayer support page: <>

You may well have to check that, you still have ALSA support on your system:

  • The following MPlayer option may have to be used: “-ao alsa”

@hcvv: The “MPlayer” package is available only from Packman (Essentials) …

That is fine, but when people did not do the vendor switch there may be still underlying packages that will make problems.

And as doing the switch cures most codecs problems asked here (again at least one last week), I always ask to be 1000% sure they did before digging further.