Mplayer doesnt' mplay

The last thing to keep me from switching back to Windows, is streaming radio.

I have a few places I need to get on my laptop to keep SUSE.

One (KJR950), says I need mplayer to play. I got it from packman, but I go back and it says I need mplayer.

Can’t get it to play. What can I do?

Thank you,

not sure about mplayer and streaming media, but VLC should handle it with no problems, try VLC (Video Lan Client) :slight_smile:

Good luck.

When I click on “Listen Live,” it automatically opens up a window with Realplayer. Then another window for downloading mplayer in Linux opens.
How would I open it in VLC?

Thank you for the reply,

You might need the mplayerplug-in if you’re using Firefox, or kde4-kmplayer if you’re using Konqueror.
Or else install SMPlayer (a frontend for MPlayer) and in it’s menu “Open” choose “Url”.

Though if it’s audio I’d give an audio player like Amarok a try before a mediaplayer like MPlayer.
Amarok for example handles and shoutcast just fine.

If you can’t figure it out, posting a link to whatever you’re trying to play would help.