mplayer dependencies

i’ve tried this how to… from this page
Playing wmv in Firefox HOWTO - openSUSE
and dependencies warn me.

Step 2: Install MPlayer and mplayerplug-in packages

* Still in YaST
* Select "Software," and then "Software Management"
* In the Filter drop-down box in the upper left corner, select "Installation Source"
* Choose the packman source
* Scroll down until you see the "mplayerplug-in," and select this package.
* Check to see if the "MPlayer" package is installed or not. Most likely, it is not, unless you have added another source that includes this package.
      o If the box next to the package is unchecked, select it. 
* Now click the Accept button to install the package(s). 

That’s it. You should now be able to play most .wmv files you come across on the internet.

how can i solve this?

should i just continue and let them install those dependencies?
so newbie here that dont even know what dependencies are :smiley:

after installing everything including the plugins, it gave me this error "cannot find codec matching selected -vo and video format 0x32535340.

how can i solve this?

what i’m doing right now is converting the wmv video which 1and half our to mpeg format just ot play it in my opensuse.

can youhelp me play this wmv format please.

I’m not using Mplayer plugin anymore - use gecko-mediaplayer and gnome-mplayer combo
All in Packman

i’ve already installed enough.just when i right click afile it gives me lots of option like vlc, kaffeine and mplayer.

if i install these gecko-mediaplayer and gnome-mplayer combo
All in Packman.

will this really work?

After installing MPlayer from Packman you should install the extra binary codecs available at MPlayer - The Movie Player. Having these it will play almost everything.