mpi problem, no access to mpif90 or mpifort

I have installed Leap 15 on my development machines and have installed mpi and have access to the following wrappers mpicc, mpiCC and mpif77, for compiling C, C++ and fixed format Fortran 77. The following wrappers mpif90 and mpifort are missing. I would be grateful for any help on how to make these available.

Looks like around a year or two ago, mpifort is supposed to replace all the other packaging based on older conventions, and possibly as part of an OpenMPI package.

Recommend you submit a bug to
The automatic maintenance likely needs to be updated to support current releases.


It was an error on my part. In previous versions of openSUSE the openmpi install I did ended up putting the wrappers in /usr/bin. A rpm -qal | grep openmpi | grep mpifort showed me that they were in a new location. I’ve added this to my path and every thing works fine now.
I am going to do a install from scratch of openSUSE 15 on another of my development systems to try and find out why I have partial versions of the wrappers in the /usr/bin directory. If anyone is interested I’ll do a follow up of what I find.

Congrats on finding mpifort, I couldn’t.
I also couldn’t figure which openmpi package might include any kind of fortran support, which package are you using?

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I strongly recommend using virtualization for your Development work for the many benefits, in this case the ability to quickly replicate machines with specific environments.