Mozilla Songbird question

While I wait for Amarok2 to get support for media devices, last I heard this was being worked on, I figured I would give Mozilla Songbird a try with my Ipod. First I notice some differences in the versions

Mozilla Repo has MozillaSunbird-0.9-5.3.x86_64.rpm
Packman Repo has

Any reason why Packman is ahead of the Mozilla repo?

According to YaST I have the one from Packman installed and it sees my Ipod with the add-on that I had to install for it, but it doesn’t want to find my music. When I first ran it I was asked where my music was and I pointed it to my Music directory in home, is this working for anyone?

Mozilla Repo has MozillaSunbird-0.9-5.3.x86_64.rpm
Packman Repo has

The first package you list is Sunbird and the second package is SONGbird. These are two completely different programs.

Sorry miss read, still I can’t get Songbird to see my music, is it working for anyone?

I downloaded and installed the package from packman. During the initial set up, I told Songbird which directories to scan for music. All of my music was imported into songbird and the files play.

Yes, it works for me.

Amarok already has a limited media players support. For example it sees my iPOD and copies all my music with no problem (i installed libgpod4 anbd libgpod-tools).

This is amarok 2 you are talking about right?

Yes, it is Amarok 2 that has media players support. I was also surprised that it had it.

Thanks I’ll give it a try