Moving opensuse 12.2 to another HDD (SSD in my case)

Please help me to move my openSUSE 12.2 to another disk. I know how to move information, this is not a question. I use clonezilla. But how to make it boot? When there was a grub in openSUSE 12.1 it was not a problem for me. But how to restore GRUB2? I tried edit configs, changing UUID and disk’s serial number in grub.cfg and But it didn’t give a result. How to install and restore grub’s config properly?

You didn’t mention /etc/fstab. You have to change the disk ID there as well.

But may I change grub.cfg manually or I must only use grub2-mkconfig -o /boot/grub2/grub.cfg command to update this file?

Yes, you can change it manually. But do not forget that it will be overwritten if such packages as kernel or initrd or grub or plymouth (list is likely incomplete) are updated.

Could you please explain in more details what exact errors you get? You may also be interested in this article which explains how to reinstall GRUB2 from rescue mode:

May be it’s what I need. And what I need to change in grub.cfg and how I must do it?
More details? I got a black screen after POST with GRUB inscription in the left upper corner.

OK it means that you indeed have GRUB boot sector in MBR or active partition and most likely it did read something from disk (otherwise we’d see some more errors) but what it read was garbage. At this point content of grub.cfg is totally irrelevant. You need to reinstall GRUB as described in article. You may also run grub2-mkconfig (in the very beginning of article) to recreate grub.cfg.

Thanks to all. I could not recover grub and move my system. I just didn’t have a big desire to do it, I didn’t want to learn grub’s configs… grub2-mkconfig didn’t give me any results and I installed new system. But that article was still helpful. Now I know how to restore grub2 after Windows installation for example. I think I’ll try to do it one more time and move the system to another HDD.