Moving HDs to different SATA ports

If you move the hd to another SATA port you can fix it with the repair utility on the install disk

Having problems with one disk and it seems like it may be the SATA port.

if I move my boot drive to a different SATA port how can I fix my fstab and grub?

Some entries seem to refere directly to the disk name and partition; I believe those will be unaffected. However, anything using something of the form /dev/sdX# where X is a letter and #is a number, how would I convert those to use the disk name format?


using YaST, go to “System >> Partitioner”, choose the partition that you
want to change, click “Edit” then click “Ftab Options” in pop up window.
In “Mount in /etc/fstab by” options choose “Volume label”.

and please be careful with this one, read help in the left pane before
you edit something else.