Movie making software for linux?

I need to make an mpeg (or equivalent) movie by putting some movie shorts together with some title pages and images and I want to do it on Linuux. Is there sofftware on linux for this? Specifically I need to:

  1. Be able to make “title” pages that show for a number of seconds with text and images

  2. be able to take two short 30 second mpegs and put them side by side in the movie

  3. Be able to put text over one of the shorts.

Thanks for any help you can give!

Applications - DVD Authoring Tools - openSUSE Forums

Thanks for the reply! I looked through the list and clicked on a lot of the links but was unable to find any that seemed to have the capabilities to take two movies and put them side by side in one movie.

Does anyone here have any experience doing this?

I know these five best video editing softwares in Linux, which is already in the list Caf provided.

1- LiVES
2- Kino
3- Kdenlive
4- Cinelerra
5- Avidemux

Install some of them from yast or sources from above link. And try them. Hope it will work for you.

Else you could use ffmpeg from the command line

If you need more, I googled on “ffmpeg”+“join files”

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