Move kwallet to another laptop?

I want to move my kwallet to another temporary laptop. I can move thunderbird and firefox pretty easily, but other browsers want kwallet to store credentials, so I have to move kwallet also. I’d like Opensuse process rather than a general process, maybe for another linux distro.


Google says Chapter 4/page 14

Thanks - I did google before posting, but apparently bad search terms.

THAT is a terse doc. Exported compressed (apparently a built-in passkey?) and xml. Hopefully import will work. Thank you very much.

The original is on the KDE Documentation server – <>

There’s also the ArchWiki KWallet article – <>

What’s a little bit annoying is, the KDE tendency to not document completely – in the “Introduction” in the section “Create a Wallet” there’s a little hint –

To use your sensitive data from your classic wallet with the new backend follow these steps:

  • Create a new GPG based wallet
  • Launch KWallet Manager using KRunner (Alt+F2) or other application launcher (menu) and select your old wallet. Then choose File → Export as encrypted to create an archive file with your sensitive data.
  • Select the new GPG based wallet then choose File → Import encrypted and select the file you just saved.
  • Go to System Settings Account Details → KDE Wallet and select the newly created GPG based wallet from the Select wallet to use as default combobox.

Alternatively use Import a wallet but in that case you have to select the .kwl file corresponding to your old wallet, located in the folder kwalletd in qtpaths --paths GenericDataLocation.

The “.kwl” file is usually located in ‘~/.local/share/kwalletd/’ – but, personally, I would simply use one of the “export” possibilities in the KWallet “File” menu.

Which is exactly the same link/document which i already posted. The page and chapter is from this document.