mouse doesn't work properly in KDE unless I log in as root

My mouse can’t access the KDE menu and it behaves in an intermittent fashion. If I login as root it behaves properly. What’s wrong

I made myself a member of the input group and I’m no longer having mouse problems. I didn’t realize it was necessary.

Several thoughts here.

Do you really mean that you can use the mouse everywhere on the screen (KDE desktop), but that it (the arrow) refuses to go into the KDE main menu item (normally left on the panel), or that you can open the main menu, but that your mouse then does not go into the menu? It sounds strange. Please we can not look over your shoulder, thus a precise description is needed for others to understand what you see.

It is strongly discouraged to log in into the GUI as root. Whenever you want to check if a desktop problem is bound to a specific user, use another user (not root), that you can specially create for the test to be sure it is all “fresh”.

There should be no need to make a user member of the input group. At least I dot have any user as member of the group input and my KDE works as intended.

So I am afraid that notwithstanding the fact that you might be satisfied with the result, I think you still have a problem somewhere, that you did not cure, but probably made worse.

It isn’t necessary and doesn’t make sense at all.