Mounting 2nd HDD - no write access

Hi all,

I want to mount a 2nd HDD and use it for storing larger files etc. This is the entry in fstab;

UUID=long_and_useful_code /myname/media ext4 data=ordered 0 0

The /myname/media folder does exist.

The disk is mounted, in the right spot, but I do not have write access. Root can read and write, so it seems to be functioning fine. I assume I’m missing something obvious, but I’ve searched and cannot see what I’ve got wrong.


The disk is using “ext4”.

When you format it, everything is owned by root.

Try, as root:

cd /myname/media
chown myname .

Assuming that “myname” is your login name, then after that change you should own the root directory of that disk, and be able to write to it.

Bingo, thanks, working now. I figured it was a permissions thing, but I did not know how to rectify…

I’m glad you now have it working.

From my fstab:

**erlangen:~ #** grep user /etc/fstab  
UUID=eb810e71-23ef-4d26-a1ff-7216e4173888  /HDD                    xfs    **user**,noauto                   0  0 
UUID=6914-84F3                             /GARMIN                 vfat   **user**,noauto                   0  0 
UUID=0267-906F                             /GARMIN-KART            vfat   **user**,noauto                   0  0 
LABEL=FR735                                /FR735                  vfat   **user**,noauto                   0  0 
**erlangen:~ #**

Specifying the mount point in fstab is easy and works great for both built in and removable drives.