More than one install

I was wondering is it possible to install both the GNOME and KDE desktop on two separate partitions and be able to boot both?

I’m not sure why multiple partitions?? Both Gnome and KDE install in various root directories. Splitting them out to separate partitions could be done but would be tricky.

You can simply install both and switch at the login screen.

Would you just install that in the same partition in the install screen?

If you’re installing from the DVD you might be able to select both during package selection - not sure.

If not, just pick one (doesn’t matter which), install it, and then once you have it running install the other DE using YaST or zypper. For example if you’ve installed Gnome, you would install KDE Base and KDE Desktop. Next time you log in, you’ll be given the choice…

You could do separate installs and put each as bootable, but it seems like a huge waste of space. It is much easier to just choose the one you want at the login screen. That way, you can use KDE programs in Gnome and you can use Gnome programs in KDE. That is how I do it.

Gnome and KDE are both freedesktop based applications. They have too many resources and paths in common. Installing them in different partitions would have absolutely no advantage and would be very tricky. You would probably have to create a bunch of symlinks too. However you could install openSUSE (or any other Linux) twice in two different partitions, one time with Gnome desktop and one time with Kde desktop. You would just end up with two different Linux installations. There is nothing wrong with it if that’s what you want. Having two systems can also be helpful under circonstances. You can even have a single /home partition and use it for both systems. Same thing for /tmp and swap.

thanks for your help

I got it up and running thanks again

you can use both Gnome and KDE in the same install, the gnome and KDE versions of openSUSE are the same OS just different DE’s


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