More "Problems Installing Elecom Webcam? "

Picking up on another old thread (“Problems Installing Elecom Webcam?”, see") …

Well well, so I got a new webcam, small and nifty (and fortunately cheap too), made by Sanwa Supplies, and I looks like I’m still stuck with the Z-Star Microelectronics chip … :eek:

Bus 002 Device 007: ID 0ac8:307b Z-Star Microelectronics Corp.

Not only that, but this model seems to be entirely unsupported; as opposed to the Elecom model, it’s not recognized at all by the gspca driver. :frowning: I should probably invest in a model that is supposed to be supported. What a disappointment that so few firms take Linux into consideration when designing their products (Brother, the maker of my wonderful printer, seems to be a happy exception).

Anyway, I’m just curious:
What is the difference between the gspca1 driver and uvcvideo? Somehow, I got the impression that perhaps uvcvideo was the main driver until 10.2, and that gspca1 is the newer framework?

The only Elecom webcam I see in the uvc compatable list is …

0ac8:0336 Elecom UCAM-DLQ30 (Vimicro VC0336 chipset) Solid Years

Go here and join the mailing list…

Linux UVC driver & tools

I have a new Hercules Dualpix and I thought I would have no chance in Linux.

There is a chap called Laurent Pinchart on the list he is really helpful and thorough.

Now my cam works :slight_smile:

You might want to install luvcview and try that first, just install and type the command lucview if theres no launch icon.

svn checkout svn://

If the cam can use the uvc driver that guy will sort it for you, you can add it to his list of working cams then.

The command is luvcview. Sorry.


Thanks for the advice. I found the command already, thanks.

Your recommendation of uvc makes me think that uvc is not a pre-openSUSE 10.3 predecessor to gspca, but that they are alternatives. Am I correct? Are there respective advantages / disadvantages?

Looks like there are two differnt goups working on it. I was under the impression that the site I mentioned was the guy up front for the uvc driven webcams.

It gets confusing. I don’t exactly now the ins and outs of it all. All I know is my cam did’nt work and now it does. Although I have it working for luvcview and Ekiga but not in Skype and Kopete. Not tried in openSuSE yet.

Man, there are so many different cams out there, even the same makes using different drivers.

That guy I mentioned will ask you for some specific output from a command he will give you and he will take it from there.

Suck it and see and never give up until the darn thing works. Or just get a Logitech Quickcam Pro 4000 it was made for Linux :slight_smile:

MadHag, hiya,

I haven’t gotten around to the issue yet, sorry, but wanted to say thanks for your (refreshing :slight_smile: ) comments. Will take care of things soon (am dealing with other openSUSE problems right now … :frowning: )