MONO and dual boting SUSE and WIN 7

Im buying a new gaming computer next week running Win 7. Can I duel boot SUSE ? I have programmed on and off usimg VB and C# and Id like to try MONO, I dont know much about it yet but i have downloaded the IDE on another Linix machine , it seemed ok but there will be a steep learning curve. Anyone else triedit ?

My advice is forget dual boot. For the main reason, you have a gamer computer. Download a VM, and install SUSE on it, while the VM is hosted by Win7. Then also install whatever you need for MONO to the VMbox running SUSE…loads easier and safer…not to mention a totally legit programming environment.

And the plus side is, if you decide to trash the MONO idea, you can just delete it all…no harm, no foul! <<IE.: you havent wrecked a partition table, boot loader, or wasted other time fixing something important>>

edited note: Gamer computers are usually powerful enough to handle most any VMbox setup

On Fri, 06 Aug 2010 10:06:03 +0000, ml2967 wrote:

> Can I duel boot
> SUSE ?

Yes, openSUSE can be configured to dual boot with Windows - there are
plenty of tutorials on how to do this. :slight_smile:

You might, however, benefit from looking at a virtualized solution as
hammymcleans suggests.


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But, I was thinking, I should also qualify my answer too. If you start with a Linux-box and you need the dual system, ie. with Win7. Use a VM in Linux as the host OS that runs windows–that can give you the same easy result if you started with Linux as the native OS.

To link up with Jim says, all of these methods have been tried and should work with any of the versions of Linux.

If you have an IDE with MONO on another Linux machine why would you dual boot a new gaming rig? You can learn MONO on the other Linux machine and keep the gaming machine pure Win 7 with plenty of room for games. Even if the other Linux PC is a 32bit cpu the MONO IDE should be good enough for learning.