Monitor Sleep

Where are the settings to stop my monitor going to sleep after 4 minutes, eg I want to watch a DVD or something?


Depend on what de you are using.

In other words, are you using kde, gnome?

OpenSuse 11.1 and I think it has KDE. Pretty sure. Amarok says something about KDE.

Config Desktop
Power Management - Then Uncheck ‘Let Power Devil manage screen powersaving’

Then still in config desktop -GENERAL
Screen saver. Uncheck it all to disable this feature

Then still in config desktop -GENERAL
Power control
Uncheck - Display Power management

I know, what a do all that is.!

Thank you so much!

It is a very techo program!

Not to worry, more stuff to do makes it more interesting!

Once again, thanks.

Ok, I can’t find the third thing to do that you wrote, but it appears to be alright.

I have power devil on still, however, I left it on to perhaps conserve power?

But I did change screensaver from 4m to 60m.

Is that going to have the desired effects? As in, not touching it for 60m will have it playing a DVD without me having to hit the mouse pad etc?

Powersave seems something I should keep on.

Is that ok?

> But I did change screensaver from 4m to 60m.
> Is that going to have the desired effects?

wait 4.1 minutes and see!


Powerdevil is always on, you just mean powersaving. As for the 3rd part of the detail I gave you, it may depend if you are using an older version of kde4 (likely as I use Factory). But I’m sure it should be there. IIRC it was way back when I was using kde4.1.3
Just look for the Display section somewhere in the Desktop Confid area. I can do screen by screen shots if you need.


It didn’t work.

Shall try it without bypassing the first step.

How do you mean, you bypassed the first step?
Do them all.

This to the 3rd part you were having trouble with](](

Ok I did that.

Now what do I do if I want to leave the computer switched on but afk for like a long time?

Do laptop screens not burn out so it should be fine?

I am not in the habit of leaving my laptop for extended periods of time and I have no idea how easily the screen might burn out.

But the solution I would use is this.
I always run on Performance with full brightness and no screensaving. But if I were to want to do like you and walk away and leave the laptop, I would switch to Powersave Profile from the battery monitor in the systray. It’s really all just about configuration.