Monitor Out Of Range

I just installed OpenSuse 11.0 (GNOME) and all went well.

When I restarted my computer, my monitor turned blank and a message appeared: “Monitor working, check scan rate. Check Resolution”.

I have a DELL monitor (don’t know the exact model) which supports 1280*1024 resolution and 70KHz refresh rate.

Please help me out here with a step by step procedure…

Actually, the screen Reads:

Monitor is Working

Out of Scan Range
Check Settings

What kind of monitor is it? (CRT, LCD). Do you know what graphics card is in the computer? I had a similar problem with an HP 22" LCD running off an NVIDIA card. I had to grab my son’s old CRT monitor and hook it up to see what was going on. I used that to install my NVIDIA drivers and set the screen resolution to a format my LCD could understand. Swapped monitors back and I was fine…

Its a CRT monitor.

The graphics card is ATi RADEON 9250.

I had ubuntu installed before this and it never messed up this big!

I was switching only because my computer’s obsolete by today’s standards.

I had the same problem with my LCD monitor, and pressing the “autoset” button on the monitor cleared that up.

I on the other hand don’t have an auto set button…

When grub pops up, did you try failsafe mode? This might get you to point where you can set up your graphics card, resolution etc.

I tried everything…

Nothing seemed to work…


I’ve reinstalled OpenSuse! and its working now! lol!

I did try different resolutions but that didn’t work too!