mkv files not playing smooth

I’ve installed 11.3 RC2 (64 bit) with no problem. Great install - just a few things i needed to tweak/install (display/wireless drivers). Installed latest 64bit linux driver from Nvidia for my card – a 260m Geforce… I’ve installed VLC to play media files, and all video play is fine for most formats, but when I’m playing mkv files, it is a bit stunted and choppy. I didn’t have this problem on my Ubuntu install with the same comp. It definetlly is not a lack of horsepower… running a quad 2.53 with 8 GB DDR3 mem, I’ve got dual 260M video cards that have a GB each - i haven’t tried to configure SLC though, so only one card is pushing out to the display but it should be fine.

Any thoughts?


What’s the CPU use during playback? Is it low?

Is the mkv an HD movie? 720p or 1080p? Does 720p plays OK but 1080p not?

It might be something related to the codec VLC uses. I think that it packs all codecs it uses, same as mplayer. Did you try mplayer - or better yet, smplayer?

There you are, some thoughts. :slight_smile:

I suspect this comment is on the mark.
Just need you to tell us more about the video.

it’s a quad – cpu use is low… the movies are hd… one is 720 and the other is 1080 – it occurs with either one. I installed mplayer, and no issues with that. tried upgrading vlc, but problem persists… i’ll just use mplayer for mkv files.