Missing keyboard selection

Using XFCE - When I start Settings > Settings Manager > Keyboard > Layout I am unable to add a different setting to Swedish. I need to add Greek, Spanish, English and Danish but the only option I have is “<All Settings” and “X Close”. Where is this utility located? Perhaps it’s set read only.

It’s possible to change the keyboard via “setxkbmap -layout gr” but then I can’t “setxkbmap -layout en” as it comes out in Greek characters. I need to reboot.

Thanks for any advice.

Has the language been installed?

The online Wiki providing general guidance

For anyone interested in contributing (improving, adding) language support


Thanks for the speedy response.

Sorry, I don’t understand this suggestion. I am not trying to switch the OS to Greek, merely produce Greek letters from the Swedish keyboard. Letters in the ASCII range hex 80 to hex FF. Since

setxkbmap -layout gr

achieves the result I presume I don’t need to install the language. The problem being that then I can’t switch back to non-Greek using

setxkbmap -layout se

as it produces

σετχκβμαπ /λαυοθτ σε

and I have to log out to reset. That makes it very difficult to use Greek, Swedish and Danish letters while using a text editor. Under KDE I was able to do that from a panel icon.