Missing Dependencies

The Yast Update manager has some missing dependencies. When updating the system these dependencies fail to load. The dependencies are probably missing because factory build is intermingled with actual build. Intermingling builds before deploy leads to problems for users and updaters of the system and this includes developers.

Anybody who knows how to fix the current list would be appreciated…


These are interface level problems missing dependencies and development libraries…

cannot open shared object file
error accessing and upgrade_package_command
Fault: Failed to contact configuration server
Details: Failed to get connection to session
Result: Did not receive a reply.

The following dependencies should not be in the build they must be mistaken about a great … many things…


Anybody know how to fix these errors?
They are the result of an update.
Just a scratch

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Thank you. Exact same problem. Looking forward to fix.

Users would not “intermingle” the actual release with the Factory builds hence your point it moot and if you’re a developer, microchip is the Emperor of China.